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Awakening [Science and Religion (and Philosophy)]

Jul 27, 1997 10:18 PM
by E. J.

Hello Annette, you wrote:
[:->>Many thanks for the definitions.  I like them.

     I have noticed that you are a kind and gracious lady, thank you.

[:->>Isn't the above what we are all trying to do and finding it an onerous
[:->>task?  Or do you mean that Society could try to do this, pragmatically?

     No, society could I am sure be of great help in the matter but we ourselves
must Walk the Way.   It is we who have to find the synthesis of the various
schools of thought and apply it Within to Unfold a Pure Inner Consciousness.
This is a solitary activity though can be done in groups, society only seems to
help prevent the Unfolding with their attempts at toxic conditioned thinking.

[:->>the motivation of the previous round of scientists (approx.17th & 18th
[:->>Centuries) was more that of religion/philosophy (and sometimes downright
[:->>alchemy).  What ended up as Science (the How), started out as their
[:->>personal ways of seeking their answers to the Why, by which they hoped
[:->>to find the "Truth".  I often stop and remind myself that their seeking
[:->>led to their "children's" "Science" which evolved into their
[:->>"grandchildren's" Technology and a whole (new) way of life for a whole
[:->>mess of (reluctant) people.

     Perhaps we should lean back toward Alchemy and the Gnostics, they have a
better grasp on this topic than the modern thinker or scientist or religionist

[:->>Of course we could "meld" the three very simply.  All education would be
[:->>about one subject only - "The search for Truth".  

     Sounds good to me, both on a social as well as a personal level.

[:->>  Life
[:->>would be a continual learning process and the knowledge that one could
[:->>not "graduate" as an expert in only one part, would help one keep alive
[:->>the necessary state of humility and grace to keep the process going, not
[:->>only for oneself, but for all future generations.

     I think that we should take this to the school board.   Though you are
absolutely correct, I do not think that society would go along with it -- they
are the body who generates most if not all of the toxic conditioning.

[:->>Following this process through many generations, I envision each person
[:->>finally reaching a level of understanding that propels the whole race
[:->>into a next level of existence.  I haven't really envisioned what that
[:->>is yet, but I do feel that when we get to it, there will be no problem
[:->>with "parts" versus "whole".

     What an Idealist, or Utopian, . . . . . . . . . or Theosophist (they are
synonymous terms I am told).

[:->>I try to
[:->>maintain the state and feeling of first awakening.  In this state, I am
[:->>free, my body is not a weight, there are no rules and restrictions, and
[:->>I let myself go where I go and think what I think.  Sometimes I can't do
[:->>it, but often, I "see" answers to things and always I start off the day
[:->>in a positive and happy state (even if only for 10 seconds!).

     A beautiful experience -- however, the object of meditation is to manifest
the Meditative State of Mind outward in everything that we do all of the time
continuously.   Is that not called 'Awake'.   This is to say that one can focus
the attention from Within into the everyday world without -- a focus within a
focus, as it were.   This is a Balance of what we have to deal with in the world
at large and the Unfolding of the Inner Higher Self.

[:->>This latter concept is not new, either to me or to others, and the
[:->>theory is that we develop this to give us more time to meditate and
[:->>think - hence melding the how, what and why in our daily lives. 

     I think that you have the answer, now that answer just has to be worked on.
This is primarily done through meditation and struggling with all of the toxic
social conditioned thinking to discard it.

[:->>One last point.........
[:->>The other day, I thought briefly about a world without electricity and
[:->>computers, and whether this was destined, part of a test.  Hard not to
[:->>do with all this talk and fear about the "end of the world as we have
[:->>known it".  The progression of my thought was that, sooner or later, we
[:->>will all face a time of no computers, jobs, material comforts, whether
[:->>individually or globally.  Am I ready for that?  No, but I think I'm
[:->>being "told" to get into training pretty fast.

     Well, I do not think that we have to be too concerned about "the end of the
world" (we still have a ways to go).   But you are quite correct in thinking
that there is no need to waste any time in Unfolding the True Inner Higher Self
of Pure Inner Consciousness.   I would say that you are more Inwardly Aware than
you give yourself credit for Annette.
                          {+  +}
One of the hardest lessons to learn -
yet absolutely essential for those
dedicated to the search for Truth -
is the reality of paradoxes -
contradictions and uncertainty.

Let There Be Light -- Always in All Ways,  e.j. }~!~{
"Some men can live up to their loftiest ideals without
ever going higher than a basement" - Theodore Roosevelt

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