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re: still connected

Jul 28, 1997 00:36 AM
by Mark Kusek

Hi Annette,

> > Don't forget, one day there'll be legends of us and people will
> > romanticize and mythologize us. Fantasize about what we were like
> > and project all there hope into visions of us ....
> >
> > Now look around you.

Well, Mark, I am looking around............
Can't see much that is the stuff of legends and mythology nowadays,
except perhaps that we are all being given the opportunity through
freedom of thought, speech, and communication at the speed of bytes, to
take up the challenge of understanding and love, without losing our
lives over it.

There seems to be a really strong energy moving us towards some
resolution, or perhaps there always has been and some people have always
responded to that "pull".

I think (or rather hope that) the next round of mythology does not
contain a few "heros" or "sages", but numerous "regular Joes" who
quietly "see the light" and do it differently.  It's got to be more than
coincidence that so many of the people now coming into our lives, and
remaining important to us, are forcing us to understand each other, to
be compassionate and patient, to relegate to unimportance the factors of
gender, colour, race, and past indoctrinations.

Bravo. That's exactly my point (and thanks for giving me a chance to
correct my horrendous spelling!) It's easy to project our romanticism
and fantasies into the past and wrap up our hopes and dreams along in
them. Harder to recognize them for the projections they are and withdraw
them by ownership. Atlantis, Lemuria, all the Golden Ages of the past,
etc., etc., etc.

What I was trying to say is that life (past or present) is dirty and
messy, confused and chaotic. We struggle in what we consider the
"ordinary" to be all that we believe and hope we can be. I just wanted
to attend to the fact that our opportunity is now. The ordinary IS the

Someday, someone probably will romantize us and this time we live in,
wish they could have existed now and believe that our time would have
been such a cool time to live in, evolve through, be spiritual or gain
self-realization in, etc. We don't always see it that way. We struggle,
see all the flaws, know how fucked up things really are, grit and strive
every day just to make ends meet.

The fact that we can synthesize and articulate the ideas you've pointed
out, believe in them and actually try to live our lives somewhat in
accord with them is amazing to me.

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