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Re: Still connected

Jul 22, 1997 06:27 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Annette Rivington
<> writes
>Hence, my self-deduced "religion" that:
>a) everyone has to reach this highly developed stage of spirituality by
>"coming to it" themselves rather than following some leader or doctrine,
>and this is the goal of our lives here, and
>b) until everyone reaches this level, and can maintain it within
>themselves without leadership or "blind faith" in some doctrine, the
>"truth" will not be achieved on this earth.

Sonds about right to me!
>What I have yet to figure out is how and whether the actions and
>writings of any who went before are relevant to this process, other than
>evidence of the process and interesting historical stuff, and whether
>they may, infact, be a "temptation" for us to stop our individual
>process and say that someone else found the "truth" and all we have to
>do is to follow it.

They are surely relevant, but the temptation(s) you suggest are, IMHO,
the pitfalls to avoid.

>  Have to digest the concept of Masters and Atlantis
>and all the other "wierd" stuff.

Maybe, if it matters to you, but given your approach, maybe not

>  Until I reach the next level of
>understanding, I remain constant in my current thought that every person
>is born in and with the truth, with all the capabilities of
>understanding everything and that "life" is a process of rediscovery and

Hmmm ... discovery, perhaps - why RE-discovery?  And should everything
be accepted regardless?  Suppose our perception or interpretation is at
fault? Might we not then "accept" falsehood?

>Must get back to work.  Will keep listening and I wish you all a good
>Summer and take care of yourselves.

And the same to you!  Glad to know someone cares :-)


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