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Grant me the serenity

Jul 20, 1997 07:03 PM
by kymsmith

Tom Robertson, in a private memorandum, sent me the following quotation
from a post (1105) I had sent to theos. 

> "The hatred for the poor, the disadvantaged, the non-Theosophists,
> etc. . .that I have heard expressed lately on this list doesn't bring
> to mind manners as my first priority.  I take it personal when I hear
> racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and other such views spewed
> in rabid abundance."

Well, well - seems I did use the word "hatred."  Hmmm.  So, not only do
we never really know anyone else, we rarely seem to even know
ourselves.  I apologize for using the word "hatred" - to use that word
against someone, I think, places them under a shadow of "evil" and,
consequently, denies the "divinity" that is "within" each of us.

And thank you, Tom, for drawing my attention to my error.  However,
there are still many incarnations to go. . . ;-/


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