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Re: Indian racism

Jul 18, 1997 06:39 AM
by ramadoss

At 09:23 AM 7/18/97 -0400, K. Paul Johnson wrote:
>I think this issue has come up before, Doss, but I must say
>there is something objectionable in your objections to people
>calling Krishnamurti a "nigger."  You say he was such a
>wonderful well-known person, etc. and elsewhere make it clear
>that you think Indians are *not* niggers, but seem to think other dark people
>*are*.  So it is not just wickedness but *inaccuracy* that bugs
>you about that.  This offends me.  Not just because although
>white myself I come from an interracial family
>(African-American/white) but because Indians are so obviously
>racist themselves.  I wandered Bombay and Delhi in the company
>of several "Westerners" one of them from Ghana originally and
>very dark.  He got many more looks of disgust and fear from Indians
>than he would have in a Western society; said so himself.  (He lived in
>Plus, there's color prejudice *within* Indian society.  The
>statement "If you're white, you're all right, if you're brown
>stick around, if you're black get back" certainly fits the
>Aryan vs. Dravidian bigotry of India.  Which alas is totally
>endorsed by HPB in the SD.
>Please clarify that you do *not* really mean "*We're* not
>niggers, *they* are" because more than once you have made
>statements that clearly imply such an attitude.
My response is simple:

1. Racism, bigotry and discrimination is there in every nook and corner of
the world.

2. Use of the word "nigger" for *anyone* under any circumstances is totally
unacceptable to me. I should have made this very very clear.


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