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Indian racism

Jul 18, 1997 06:22 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

I think this issue has come up before, Doss, but I must say
there is something objectionable in your objections to people
calling Krishnamurti a "nigger."  You say he was such a
wonderful well-known person, etc. and elsewhere make it clear
that you think Indians are *not* niggers, but seem to think other dark people
*are*.  So it is not just wickedness but *inaccuracy* that bugs
you about that.  This offends me.  Not just because although
white myself I come from an interracial family
(African-American/white) but because Indians are so obviously
racist themselves.  I wandered Bombay and Delhi in the company
of several "Westerners" one of them from Ghana originally and
very dark.  He got many more looks of disgust and fear from Indians
than he would have in a Western society; said so himself.  (He lived in

Plus, there's color prejudice *within* Indian society.  The
statement "If you're white, you're all right, if you're brown
stick around, if you're black get back" certainly fits the
Aryan vs. Dravidian bigotry of India.  Which alas is totally
endorsed by HPB in the SD.

Please clarify that you do *not* really mean "*We're* not
niggers, *they* are" because more than once you have made
statements that clearly imply such an attitude.


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