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Re: ts-l

Jul 18, 1997 00:57 AM
by Tom Robertson

Kym wrote:

>I loathe censored material.  I want to hear all of what a person
>wants to say - whether I disagree or not.  What someone considers worthy
>of deleting may, to another person, be valuable insight.

How could calling people names be a "valuable insight?"

>I'm sorry, Liesel, but I do know, this time for sure, what I am
>revolting against - a child molester (CWL) and, most importantly, the
>sheltering of this child molester.  And if CWL actually slept with any
>of his students (which evidence does point to) - who was not yet an
>adult - then, he is, by penal and moral law, a rapist.  But could he
>still have been a genuine clairvoyant?  Yes.  Did pen geniune words of
>wisdom and worth? Yes.  But the more one knows, the more responsible
>they are - hence, the actions of CWL and the inactions of the TS are
>even more grievous.     

I'll bet anyone even money right now that if they want to derogatorily
discuss CWL, without personally attacking anyone in the discussion,
they will freely be able to on the TS-L list.  This may be a good
opportunity to see the "truth-suppressing" "Wheaton oligarchy" in
action.  I hope someone brings up the CWL affair on that list, if only
just to see what happens.  If no one else does, I'll probably give it
a try.  If I'm wrong, I'll eat my words.

>What is of interest to one Theosophist is may not be of interest to
>another.  I hope you do find happiness on ts-l, but I would never be
>fulfilled on a list where what I could read was chosen for me.

Eliminating bullshit will increase the quality of the discussions.

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