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Jul 17, 1997 06:10 AM
by ramadoss

At 03:09 PM 7/16/97 -0400, Jaqtarin Samantha Triele wrote:
>---Theosophical Disclaimer---
>I hereby declare that all statements following this message are NOT 
>facts, theories, hypothesi, opinions, declarations, revelations, or 
>assumptions based on accurate investigations or unarguable statistics.  
>I have not called everyone in the world and asked for their opinions on 
>the subjects of which I have made these statements about.  I have not 
>recieved complete autobiographies from the Earth's population of 
>minerals, animals, plants, or humans, and, therefore, any statement 
>herein made is only a generality based on my own personal experiences.  
>If any statement contains sexist, racist, prejudiced, or any other 
>disagreeable material, I apologize profusely.  I can only attribute any 
>insulting statements to the fact that I am not omniscient.  Including 
>the above, all statements contained within the following message are not 
>judgements.  I must repeat this.  Including the above, ALL statements 
>contained within the following message are NOT JUDGEMENTS.  They are 
>solely opinions based on the current experiences of my self.  Any fact, 
>theory, hypothesis, opinion, declaration, revelation, or assumption is 
>mine alone, insofar as I know, and is not necessarily a fact, theory, 
>hypothesis, opinion, declaration, revelation, or assumption of the 
>Theosophical Society, the United States, my family, my friends, my 
>next-door neighbor, his dog, the chrysanthemums that were digested by 
>his cat the day before yesterday, or any one person or group of people 
>which exist in the known or unknown universes or dimensions.
>I am not responsible for any misinterpretations, manipulation of 
>definition, unintended insight, or "twisting of words" which result from 
>the following statement or statements.  Unfortunately, once again due to 
>my lack of omniscience, I cannot guarantee that any facts, theories, 
>hypothesi, opinions, declarations, revelations, or assumptions written 
>by myself will be interpreted as they were intended to be.
>Any statement or statements made by myself are not intended as attacks 
>on any one person or group or classification of peoples, and are also 
>not intended as a means of classifying one or more persons.  As before 
>stated, they are only statements based on my own experiences in the few 
>years that I have so far lived, and, therefore should not be interpreted 
>as statements which are "written in stone".  I apologize if any 
>statements I make shall have a negative effect on any person, and, if a 
>statement should have such an effect, please remember the first sentence 
>of this paragraph.
>---End of Disclaimer---
>Due to the content of recent posts, I have found such a disclaimer to be 
>necessary.  It makes me kind of sad, really, to have to do this.  
>Although it appears to be an attempt at humor, it also contains a 
>somewhat serious message.


>If anyone can think of anything which might be added to this disclaimer, 
>please let me know.  This really shouldn't be necessary, but maybe it 


               YMDMV can replace all of the above. I have found it to work.

               MK Ramadoss

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