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Re: TS-L?

Jul 15, 1997 06:12 PM
by ramadoss

A. Safron wrote:
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> > From:
> > To: Multiple recipients of list <>
> > Subject: Re: TS-L?
> > Date: Tuesday, July 15, 1997 5:43 PM
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> > At 05:51 PM 7/15/97 -0400, you wrote:
> > >>One thing that occurred to me was that this exchange would never
> > >>appear on ts-l or probably nl-l.
> > >
> > >Someone else favorably mentioned the ts-l list, and I tried to
> > >subscribe to it, but failed, and concluded that the ti-l list was
> > >meant.  How does one subscribe to the ts-l list?
> > >
> > I am glad that you are inquiring about ts-l here. Has anyone who has seen
> > ts-l and/or nl-l msgs have ever seen theos-xxxx or theos-talk mentioned?
> >
> > ..............doss
> Here is a sample of one discussion.  I have unsubscribed due to
> the chaotic quality of my life at this time.  Enjoy.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1. Joni Garcia
> Hello, I am interested in discussing Thoreau, especially how his concept
> of Civil Disobedience reflects his views on nature. Would anyone care to
> share their ideas on this?
> 2.   I would really like to talk to anyone that knows anything about
> quickening
> your karma.  It really seems to work when you ask the Masters to do this.
>  Has anyone else had any experience with this?  Let me know...
>                                                Shar779
> 3.  From: (liesel f. deutsch)
> Subject: more quotable quotes
> Hi, whoever is out there,
>         I think that quoting a few passages from what I happen to be reading, and
> find interesting, might be a good way to get some discussion going on this
> mailing list. So here goes some more. A few days ago I received a bonus
> book for rejoining the Noetic Science Institute. The book is "Tying Rocks
> to Clouds" by Wm. Elliott. It's a series of interviews Elliott did with
> well known spirtual leaders. He asked such questions as "What is the
> meaning of life?" "What is god?". So far, my favorite interview is the one
> with Jean Houston.
>         Here are her nuggets: "What used to be called 'sin' is now called
> 'unskilled behavior'." Restating good old Buddhist principles in a modern
> Western manner.
> "Consciousness is always altering. That is the state of consciousness." I
> never thought of it in quite that way before. It makes consciousness be
> liquid or even gaseous, or even more diaphanous.
>  "People said to the Buddha, ' Sir, what are you? Are you a god?" "No,"
> Buddha said. "An angel?" "No," "Then what are you?" "I am just awake."
> Again restating an old Buddhist principle in terms I can better understand.
>         Jean Houston's ancestors are Sam Houston, and Robert E. Lee. That was
> rather unexpected ... such illustrious, sedate ancestry for a New Age trail
> blazer.
>         Here are 2 quotes I liked from Elliott's interview with Rabbi Harold
> Kushner: "God is found through relationship" Hmm, nice.  "The highest ideal
> is to become a human being." That too makes me smile &
> feel good.
>         Hope these interest you, and spark some comments.
> Liesel
> 4.  In case you aren't aware:  Our own Quest Books (TPH) first published
> "Tying Rocks to Clouds" as a hardback and then sold the paperback rights.
> William Elliot was a speaker at our Annual Convention 2 years ago.  He gave
> a wonderful presentation of his book and what went into it.  The part many
> people enjoyed most was the tape recording he played of the Dalai Lama
> laughing.
> Joan McDougall

Thanks for the information. 

Interesting question on quickening of Karma.


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