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Re: THEOS-BUDS 244 - new leaves vs stagnation

Jul 09, 1997 09:19 AM
by Martin_Euser

Einar wrote:

>Of course there is nothing new under the sun, concerning the perennial wisdom,
 but we need ever new approaches to it, not because of the wisdom, 
but because of our nature of mental stagnation in the forms - any forms.

        Indeed, I have found that there exists a tremendous amount of 
crystallized thinking respecting theosophical teachings with many individuals
and theosophical organisations as a whole.

Einar> It is therfore of paramount importance that we can speak the 'truth'
in a fresh way at all times.

        In other words, creativity is of paramount importance. Let your thoughts
flow freely and you will find new ways of expressing old truths, as well as ways
of elaborating on the Ancient teachings.

Murray wrote:

 The heart of the wisdom is timeless but we
>must be open to new expressions of it, to avoid fossilization ourselves. If
>fresh leaves didn't keep coming out of the branch, you'd wonder if the sap
>was still flowing.

        I agree totally. That's why I have started to popularize Vitvan's
teachings on the internet. These teachings add dynamics to one's life and
provide a more scientific framework for the perennial wisdom. People tend
to 'get' the essentials faster by studying his clear theory of
of events, relations, etc. (based on Korzybski's science of general semantics,
but larger in scope).

Kaballah is yet another framework that casts light on esoteric matters -
see e.g. Alan Bain's ~Keys to Kaballah~ on my homepage.

Whatever insight one has into life can be used in daily life, teaching, 


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