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Very Hot Topic - Sacred Languages! Meru Foundation

Jul 09, 1997 11:01 AM

>From Meru Foundation FAQ:
Research is currently focused on the connection between the vortex, the human 
hand, and the language centers of the brain, and their relationship to human 
consciousness. The vortex made to the size of a hand fits on a hand like a 
glove, allowing the wearer to tip the hand in 27 different directions to see 
each letter. He or she can then spell out the letters of the text, internalize 
the sacred meanings, and under some circumstances, may be able to 
re-experience, for example, Moses' encounter with the burning bush. 

Since the vortex also generates Greek and Arabic, and possibly Sanskrit, MERU 
believes it may have discovered the elements of a natural universal language, 
the pre-Babel language. However, Hebrew is the only modern language whose 
sacred texts still retain the original purity of form, from which the 
letter-vortex can mathematically be generated. MERU believes that this sacred 
alphabet, which is common to the three Abrahamic religions, can help promote 
unity and peace among the peoples of those three faiths. 

For further information the reader is invited to contact MERU Foundation 
directly at P.O. Box 503, Sharon, MA 02067; 617-784-8902. 

Keith Price:  I heard someone on the radio and checked out the Meru Foundation 
Web page.  This should be of interest (if it isn't already) to all that 
profess to have insights into kabala, astrology, tarot and sacred languages.  
Although Senzar isn't mentioned (no surprise!)  I think many will find very 
interesting that so much work is going on in so many quarters to reconstruct 
the Ancient Wisdom not as a topic for specualtion and analysis, but for 
practical use.  I am sure some have hinted that they alreay use many systems 
as practical guides in contacting the higher levels.  I am trying to choose my 
words carefully as not to get back in the sensational mode I was in last fall.

The point is that I have had an intuition that there are many who have made a 
grand synthesis through the revival of archelogical finds and oral knowledge 
passed on secretly as to the ability to bring down great enegies from realms 
before called symbolic or mythic.  I have also suggested that there is a lot 
of secret encoding of this knowledge and many are being subconsciously 
manipulated by this.   More than this I dare not say.  I will let others check 
it our for themselves.

Keith Price

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