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Re: Masters Speak TODAY?

Jul 08, 1997 05:07 PM
by A. Safron

> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
> Subject: Masters Speak TODAY?
> Date: Tuesday, July 08, 1997 6:32 PM
> Keith:  A couple of days back, I asked if the Masters speak to us today.  I 
> forgot about Elizabeth Claire Prophet, Ramtha and all the channelers.  There 
> stuff is kind of generic and when specific is usually wrong, like ECP 
> prediction of the end of the world.  We seem to still be here!

The end-of-the-world ploy has been used by cult leaders for
eons.  It glues the group together while they go forward to do whatever
their meglomaniac leader wants them to do.
This brings up the question I've always had.  How can all these Masters
be speaking through these individuals with different tones, language and
even information?  Who's got the real Masters?  Are these faux
Masters really cast off floating astral bodies making mischief?  Or disembodied
spirits masquerading as Coot Huumi?  Or any of the other dead-but-wise-
guys on the invisible telephone?  Who can tell who is real out there?
Surely, there's a certain amount of discernment on the part of the listener,
to see if the voice tells one to jump off the roof or go to the library.  This
is a dangerous game here, one I have played myself.

I have a friend who once belonged to the I AM.  He was a little
skeptical, but one year he got a Christmas card through I AM from
Jesus.  He said that was just too much and resigned.

-A. Safron

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