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Jul 05, 1997 02:55 PM
by A. Safron

Having jumped into the subject quite abruptly, I have
to agree to with Doss, that is good to be aware of
Prophet's movement - especially her arsenal.

I have been immmersed in reading about the UFO
movement and found that the one most written about
were that of BO and Peep.  While well-documented
for years, no one believed their followers
were REALLY going to carry out their mission to
their logical end until they did.

It is written frequently that Bonny Nettles was a
member of the Theosophical Society in Houston and
imparted many of her ideas to her obviously disturbed
partner.  One article I read went to so fas as to grant
TS the dubious honor of being the father of UFO
movements.  Guess that somehow tags along with the Mother of the
New AGe.  It never occurrs to these people that ancient
can look awfully newage when you package in a 
spaceship and surround it with New Age Huckers.

Who is worthy of the pure lineage?  The Lords of the

A. Safron

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