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Re: Anything goes?

Jul 02, 1997 08:52 PM
by ramadoss wrote:
> Doss wrote:
> >       If Prophet's writings appeal to someone, so be it. Every view point
> > however unacceptable to one's personal views should be tolerated. Tolerance
> > is what brings people together and we need all the help we can get from
> > anyone and everyone to get Theosophy to every man, woman and child.
> I have often heard comments similiar to this one - but I wonder what
> people really mean when they say "tolerate."
> What do you mean, Doss, when you say "tolerate?"
> Kym

Very simple. I will with an open mind consider their writings and their
ideas. Then what I personally do with them will depend on me at that
time. Some of them may be attractive to me and others may not be so.
Also I would not belittle the ideas or writings that does not appeal to
me or not convincing to me. Just suspend judgement. While I have not
given much thought to this issue, this is my off hand response. Hope
this helps.


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