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Re: Theosophy and Internet

Jul 02, 1997 08:38 PM
by ramadoss

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> In message <>,
> writes
> >These individuals with foresight are the
> >pioneers whose primary motivation is from their hearts and is to help
> >Theosophy without bias towards one organization or the other, are able to
> >provide a clearinghouse of information and  links to other sources of
> >Theosophy and related materials.
> >
> >We have already seen examples of successes of such actions. We have the
> >theos-xxxxx maillists set up by John E Mead three years ago and the
> >wonderful website of Rudy Don which is highly professional and with a lot of
> >links and info.
> AND the site below, which, dear Doss, you never mention in your
> occasional eulogies.  is there a reason for this?
> Alan

My full apologies to you. It was just an oversight. I should include
ti-l and TI WWW Website. Alan, your labors in getting TI is yet another
pioneering effort since it does not have any organization as such.
Thanks again for pointing out is unfortunate omission on my part.


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