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Year 2000 software software issue

Jun 28, 1997 06:11 PM
by Patrick Alessandra, Psy.D.

>It is particularly hard to believe that the issue came out
>of nowhere

    Yes, interestingly it has been around for 30 yrs as an issue for
programmers...perhaps it is a perspective on our "news crisis" media
that the issue has not received adequate attention.

     The truth is that come y2k (year 2000) and also beginning within
six months the dissolution of finance systems proceeds...there is a
psychohistorical law (respects to Isaac Asimov) that any sufficiently
complicated system based on unnatural technology will eventually
dissolve and such is the case here.  The specifics are a simple but
widely spread design flaw...'00' instead of '0000' ....interestingly the
decades old rationale for doing dates such was to save money...ah
karma...see the newsgroup <>

     This coincides also with the Tibetan's prediction as to what would
happen if *money* became equated with safety and security...

Happy days,

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