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How and when to Fight

Jun 28, 1997 07:14 PM
by Titus Roth

The discussions of late have reminded me of a question I have often thought
about: when one should fight for something he or she believes in and when
should one work mediatively. Also how to fight when one feels that is the best

My Sun in Leo in close quincunx to Pisces Moon gives me a schizophrenic view.
Some contradictory thoughts and questions:

1) Sometimes evil must destroy evil. "Resist not evil (with evil)." Example:
when two countries are warring, does a third have to step in as a
humanitarian?  The U.S., with Sun in sensitive Cancer, has repeatedly tried to
intervene with disastrous results.

2) With the correct attitude, one can do outward battle but leave no karmic
mark - as Krishna was trying to say to Arjuna. When America was in the midst
of dissolution of the union, Lincoln opted for war. But a war as much as
possible without hate. He also made plans for reparation to the vanquished.

3) The likelihood of effecting outer change is not really a factor in deciding
whether to fight. I have fought for losing causes - and lost. But something
remains. Inwardly the "victors" begin to think about their actions. Even a
loss can turn into a victory - as Jesus's crucifixion showed.

4) I can sometimes disagree with a person with equanimity. But when I find
myself hating them, painful honesty sometimes reveals that I have a hidden
side like that person. I really am hating that quality in
myself. Alternatively, I can be so insecure in my beliefs that I resent that
person making me have to defend my beliefs. Jung's research on the Shadow
shows that in every Christian is a Jew; in every Jew is a Christian; in every
Democrat is a Republican; in every Republican is a Democrat; in every braggart
is an insecure person; in every insecure person is someone so cocksure of
himself; in every liberal is a conservative; in every conservative is a
liberal. "Agree with thine adversary ..."

5) Examples of advanced initiates show varied approaches: Jesus overturned
the money changers, but He accepted the crucifixion. HPB sometimes maintained
a "silent contempt", at other times she resorted to law suits.

There appears to be no cook-book solution for outer action, but inwardly one
should strive for peace. Then one's actions are like tracing on water: they
leave no karmic mark.

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