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Re: URL Matter - Bart

Jun 27, 1997 02:42 PM
by kymsmith

Bart wrote:

>         And I am certain that you had permission to place it on a list where
> the original author may not be present to defend himself.

Although nothing makes me more tingly inside than someone who is
defending the rights of those who are unable to speak for themselves, I
fail to see why you chose this time to show your kinder, gentler side.

Isn't all e-mail posted to public lists, in essence, public property?
And the gentleman did label his post "Announcement" which seems to imply
he would be happy to spread the message.  One can find through search
engines other people's e-mail - what laws are there that govern what
people do with these messages?

Or are you arguing, perhaps, the moral side of this issue?


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