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Re: karma

Jun 27, 1997 01:40 PM
by M K Ramadoss

liesel f. deutsch wrote:
> Nathan, I know this to be a theosphical view, but I don't like to accept it.
> For me this is too predetermined. And since I'm allowed to accept or reject
> theosophical dicta, I'd rather choose to believe in the kind of Karma which
> gives me a bit more leeway of control over my own destiny. If I felt I had
> no control at all over my destiny, I'd give up.

   Well said. When I look around myself and around my friends and
acquaitances, I find that much of the problems that myself and many
others are in, can be traced to causes directly created by ourselves. Of
course there are problems over which we may never have control over such
as ill health. So I strongly feel that there is much in life over which
we have full control -- at least power to avoid certain problems.

   In my business, many times I run into situations in which I will ask
my clients to think if the need the additional complications that are
bound to come up if certain decisions are taken in a certain way. This
has made many of the think twice before committing themselves. My motto
has always been to simplify life if we can. It has worked time and



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