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CDA Illegal

Jun 26, 1997 02:40 PM
by ramadoss

        US Supreme Court just ruled the Communications Decency Act

        Internet is the most far reaching innovation since printing.
Printing made a lot of stuff accessible to the masses. Now in that same
direction, Internet is doing it in a much larger and cheaper scale.

        Internet is going to kill the traditional censor and control based
organizational structures which will be a shock to many organizations which
have for centuries have excercised control using censorship and other means
of control over the masses with whom they dealt with. We are going to see
that crumble and organizational leaders scrambling to find ways to control
information flow within the context of Internet medium. They will fail due
to the inbuilt nature of Internet. Let us all watch for the developments.

        Long live Internet. We will have an unique opportunity to take
Theosophy to every man, woman and child in the entire world at very little
financial cost.

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