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Re: Theos-World A suggestion

Jun 25, 1997 10:52 AM
by ramadoss

At 11:57 AM 6/25/97 -0400, you wrote:
>for Estrella,
>There have been for many years scholarships available from several
>Organizations to those Theosophpical Students who are really needy; of course
>as I understand this must be a learning experience..
>The THeosophical Society in America , Wheaton, Il and Adyar Headquarters
>have such available.  Certainly, it is wise to have the interested party and
>student begin searching for such options well in advance of any event.
>Where in the world would someone have the idea that rich Theosophists
>should do this.  The average Theosophist is of average income.  Furthermore,
>those of means who might be considered "rich" have already contiributed
>for such scholarships and funding and do so still to this day.
>Perhaps it would be wise of major Theosophical Societies print a guide of
>services available to the student who needs financial help?
>                                         SAGESCROWN
A very good suggestion.


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