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Re: A Theosophical Leader Speaks Out

Jun 25, 1997 06:18 AM
by ramadoss

Titus Roth wrote:
> I'm just returning to my mountain of e-mail since leaving for a conference.
> quoted HPB:
> [snip]
> >    ...if we will but unite and work as one mind, one heart. The Masters
> > require only that each shall do his best, and, above all, that each shall
> > strive in reality to feel himself one with his fellow- workers. It is not a
> > dull agreement on intellectual questions, or an impossible unanimity as to
> > all details of work, that is needed; but a true, hearty, earnest devotion to
> > our cause which will lead each to help his brother to the utmost of his
> > power to work for that cause, whether or not we agree as to the exact method
> > of carrying on that work. The only man who is absolutely wrong in his method
> > is the one who does nothing; each can and should cooperate with all and all
> > with each in a large-hearted spirit of comradeship to forward the work of
> > bringing Theosophy home to every man and woman in the country.
> Thanks again, Doss, for your posts. The ideas presented above are certainly
> important. I know from sad experience that well meaning groups are torn apart
> by debates about "exact method". Such debates can degenerate into pure and
> pointless power plays - even in advanced students of the spiritual life. (See
> HSO).
> More than once have I seen cliques develop - agreeing at first on a common
> enemy, then ending up at each other's throats. People can agree with their
> minds but not necessarily agree with their hearts.

I agree. Two things struck me in this powerful statement of HPB. First
is her emphasis on doing something. Action is needed no matter what it
is. Secondly, there have been a lot of discussion whether we can make
Theosophy reach the masses. See what HPB says. She is emphatic in
bringing Theosophy home to every man and woman, not just only those who
are highly intellectual and learned and scholarly. I have always felt
that this aspect is critical to the long term effect on helping the

May be we will get some more ideas from others in the list. Let us all
work together with the common objective.

thanks again.


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