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Re: A Theosophical Leader Speaks Out

Jun 24, 1997 10:50 PM
by Titus Roth

I'm just returning to my mountain of e-mail since leaving for a conference. quoted HPB:


>    ...if we will but unite and work as one mind, one heart. The Masters
> require only that each shall do his best, and, above all, that each shall
> strive in reality to feel himself one with his fellow- workers. It is not a
> dull agreement on intellectual questions, or an impossible unanimity as to
> all details of work, that is needed; but a true, hearty, earnest devotion to
> our cause which will lead each to help his brother to the utmost of his
> power to work for that cause, whether or not we agree as to the exact method
> of carrying on that work. The only man who is absolutely wrong in his method
> is the one who does nothing; each can and should cooperate with all and all
> with each in a large-hearted spirit of comradeship to forward the work of
> bringing Theosophy home to every man and woman in the country.

Thanks again, Doss, for your posts. The ideas presented above are certainly
important. I know from sad experience that well meaning groups are torn apart
by debates about "exact method". Such debates can degenerate into pure and
pointless power plays - even in advanced students of the spiritual life. (See

More than once have I seen cliques develop - agreeing at first on a common
enemy, then ending up at each other's throats. People can agree with their
minds but not necessarily agree with their hearts.

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