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The same

Jun 23, 1997 05:57 PM
by Romero Cortez D.Ma

As Kym, i'm also leaving for a while...but it's not because some pepole
that i get tired of try to make understand some points, but the matter
is that school is gonna close and i would not can read my mail and it's
gonna get very filled and i will have some troboulse with that.
I think i'll reasume my writing in the list next school course.
Also to say goodbye to some friends that i meet here...Doss,Thoa,
Liesel,Doc, Lynn and Kym.
Ah, to Eldon too.
And, for the last straw: Justr remember what Blavatsky said about the
way we can know the true and the false theosophists...."By their work
you will recognize them"
I use to get mad and fight a lot in simmilar post places and in life
with pepole that have very differnt points of view....but not  anymore.
Just i don't worry again.
Blavatsky was right.
P.S. hoping ALL OF US can really learn the true way to help our brothers
and sisters or this mother Earth to evolutionize more rapidly..we are
somewhat slower...we should be quicker.

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