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Jun 22, 1997 05:09 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

>Absolutely...that is why taxes should be eliminated and education
>privatized..then the best education will occur for the most along the
>lines described by M. Montessori ( a student of HPB's ).

Patrick, I have the same question again. If education is privatized, and the
money doesn't come from taxes, who's going to pay for it? Like the teachers
and the supplies?

But to come back to Estrella's ideas on that education might be done
cheaply, without much money ... that is possible, I think, provided you have
very dedicated imaginative teachers, who can use papers and pencils and
scissors (very simple tools) as concrete teaching aids. But the teachers
must also be well trained, and that also costs money. And sometimes they
have to have access to new ways of teaching, and that also costs money. I
can see that some teaching can be done imaginatively on a shoestring, but
its easier with a bit of dough.


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