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Re: TS Listserver

Jun 21, 1997 02:32 PM
by ramadoss

At 03:05 PM 6/21/97 -0400, you wrote:
> wrote:
>> >It seems Olcott (TSA) has their own list moderated by Joan somebody.
>>    Where did you hear about it? Another secret????
>	The paranoia here is becoming ridiculous.
>	I am getting REALLY sick of this "anything the TSA does is
>automatically assumed to be evil, until proven otherwise, and maybe not
>even then" attitude that seems to be prevalent here. People talk about
>how the TSA supresses ideas, yet this group is every bit as supressive
>as the TSA; it's just a different set of ideas which will get someone
>thown in the gutter and kicked around.
>	Have you ever asked TSA if they had a listserver? That's how I found
>out about it. Nothing sinister, nothing terrible, I just simply ASKED.
>That's all you, or anybody else here, needs to do.
>	Now, if you ask them to send you the full source code, complete list of
>subscribers, activity logs, error logs, etc., and they say no, it MIGHT
>be because:
>	A) Joan has promised privacy to subscribers, unless they specifically
>give it up (as I have) and
>	B) Joan is kind of new to all this, and she is just learning, and she
>is way underpaid, and she may not have the TIME to get details, which,
>in the end, are meaningless anyway.
>	When I go up to Wheaton this summer, I have alread offered to help out
>wherever my help is requested. But my problems with the list are
>entirely technical in nature; for the hard work that Joan is doing, I
>have nothing but praise.
>	Bart Lidofsky
Thanks for the detailed response.

Just a couple of hours ago I saw Price's msg and was curious about the list.

If this is a maillist of TSA, I thought there would be some kind of
announcement. It is surprising that but for Price's msg even this info would
not have come out today.


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