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Re: militias

Jun 21, 1997 02:27 PM
by ramadoss

At 02:42 PM 6/21/97 -0400, you wrote:
>> Patrick wrote:
>> > [ ... I suppose we can note and agree that a few fringe fanatics like
>> > the Nazis or most liberals do not believe in basic human rights but in
>> > coercively orchestrating society to make themselves feel good...and
>> > these groups are separate from consitutional "militias" ... ]
>	It isn't "liberals" who have told me I was a tool of satan for
>studying HPB, cursed me as a killer for believing in a woman's right to
>choose, fired a good friend of mine because she was gay, bombed 2 clinics
>in Montana, and want prayers to the Christian god recited at school
>functions. It was self-righteous conservatives. And they aren't interested
>in making themsel;ves feel good - more like making sure anyone who
>doesn't believe as they do feels bad ... Seems like whenever
>conservatives talk about "basic human rights" it means the ones *they*
>define ... on one else's definition is acknolwedged - and if some of them
>had their way, other's definitions would land them in prison.
>	A gay couple making love in Montana is committing a felony.
>This, I suppose, is the conservative notion of "rights" - "You have the
>basic human right to do anything our reading of the Bible tells you you
>can ... anything else may get you imprisioned".
>								-JRC

I saw a very interesting bumper sticker which read:

        God save me from your followers!!!


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