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Re: What the issues aren't - Tom

Jun 20, 1997 05:52 PM
by kymsmith

Tom wrote:

> By what passes for "abuse," I was "abused" once by a babysitter as a
> child, also, but I am not aware of any ill effects.

Are you so sure of that?

> Even assuming the
> worst, what's the big deal, anyway?

The "big deal" is that children are suffering lifelong mental and
physical trauma.

You said "even assuming the worst, what's the big deal?"  The
heartlessness and callousness of such a statement is beyond words.

However, perhaps you are so full of anger and pain at what happened to
you, this is the way you have learned to cope.  It is certainly
understandable.  Maybe no one cared when it happened to you - children
are often abandoned mentally when they try to tell adults something the
adult does not want to hear.

But it is up to you to break the cycle. . .as it is with all of us.  We
are adults now - we owe the next generation in getting our shit

We can stop it.  Children don't have to go through what we went

We can change the world.


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