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Re: Well-researched? NOT!!

Jun 19, 1997 06:54 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 03:09 PM 6/19/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Doss lauds Tom's post on CWL.  I must point out that it uses
>sources that are secondary, that do not access the relevant
>primary sources, and that are either accidentally or willfully
>blind to the facts.  There is only one well-researched
>secondary source on this issue, Tillett's book.  And if you
>think he's biased and untrustworthy, he still leads you right
>to the primary sources that show what really happened.
>Whenever JHE has posted here the relevant information he has
>gotten attacked for it.  Come on people, stop being ostriches!
>The TS was a haven for full scale sexual abuse of the worst
>kind, for years and years, due to the willful blindness of
>people like...
>Well, people who refuse to even look at the evidence that would
>upset their belief system.

We have visited this issue several times in the past (I do not have exact
dates when the exchanges took place).

The bottom line is very simple, at least for me.

1. What counts for me is my life. Yes my life. If CWL's or anyone else's
writings or speeches have helped me, then I am very very grateful. Yes, I
have been very much benefitted by many of CWLs writings.

2. Great people have great defects. Keeping this in mind helps to get an
overall picture.

3. CWL's greatest contribution, IMHO, is his "discovery" of Krishnaji.

4. In turn, Krishnaji's lectures and books have helped me personally to view
and relate to other human beings in life.

5. Krishnaji is the most well known in Theosophical and New Age circles than
any of the thousands of academically well educated and well accredited
speakers and writers of this century. Just a visit to your favorite book
store will confirm this.

6. In order to keep my feet firmly on the ground, I frequently ask myself,
what are the ideas and hypotheses which have helped me in my life's journey
with my interaction with my fellow beings.

Just my 2 cents worth.



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