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Re: About those "militias"

Jun 18, 1997 01:12 PM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

It is wonderful to feel understood...peace to all :).....

> Thanks, Patrick:
> You wrote:
> > Most militia's are totally dedicated to the protection of freedom
> > for all human beings...the influence of gov't agents on such is well
> > known and understood.
> >
> >     Please consider that the word "militia" as used in the U.S.
> > Constitution's 2nd amendment means a citizenry which is able to
> > appropriately defend itself and is regulated by the local State
> And Jaqi wrote:
> >  Just as the swastika was, at
> > one time, a representation of a good thing, the term "militia" was equally
> > attributed to a group of citizens who worked together toward good ends.
> > Patrick is correct.  The militia referred to in the 2nd Amend. is an
> > organization of sorts with the intent to protect their communities,
> So then the "good militia" is sort of some cowboys defending their
> ranch, their field Am i right?
> Estrella

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