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Re: on past history

Jun 15, 1997 08:39 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 07:11 PM 6/15/97 -0400, you wrote:
>with his reliability as a source of
>teaching, as in the case of his claim to clairvoyance, wildly inaccurate
>in, for example, his description of life on Mars.
>To which I wish to remark that the inaccuracy of CWL's Mars description has
>been quoted a number of times. If, with all the clairvoyant descriptions CWL
>did, this is the only inaccurate one, which I don't know either way, but
>it's the one everyone harps on, then I'd say he was pretty accurate.

On one thing CWL was right. His picking identifying Krishnaji and Krishnaji
blossoming as a well regarded person in spiritual matters. Many may not
agree whether he was the World Teacher or not nor his with his views. But
the fact of the matter is that he is one of the much read by audience
interested in spiritual matters. As a matter of fact there is a sizeable
following within TS (Adyar) whether the elected leaders recognize it or not.


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