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Re: to Estrella, on past issues

Jun 15, 1997 08:39 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 06:42 PM 6/15/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Estrella,
>I want you to know that I personally knew 2 of Leadbeater's pupils, and have
>read a letter written by a third one. They all say that all these nasty
>accusations of CWL are completely false. He did no such thing. He wasn't
>even interested in sex anymore. There are others who say just the opposite,
>I know, but my 3 knew CWL very inimately from the time he was a young man
>until he died, and I believe them. So do most of the people who belong to
>the Adyar section. What is true is that these accusations were made when
>people were still very straight laced Victorian. CWL had some much more
>modern and healthier ideas about how young people should deal with their
>nascent sex drives, and I think that his ideas were just misconstrued. You
>must imagine that this was a time when women were so modest that their
>babies were born while the women were covered with a blanket, and the doctor
>delivered the babies by feel, because the women were ashamed of uncovering
>themselves. A doctor in Buffalo New York, allowed his students to watch him
>deliver a baby, always with the woman covered by a blanket. He was drummed
>out of the Medical Association. It was also a time when nocturnal emissions
>were considered an illness, for which the cure was castration. Think about
>the accusations against CWL against that background.
Let me add that in Ernest Wood's book "Is This Theosophy?" he mentions that
during his close association with CWL as his private secretary, he never saw
any  of the allegations that were made later on. I just wanted to put on
record what he had put in writing.


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