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Re: Militias

Jun 15, 1997 03:56 PM
by kymsmith

Lynn wrote:

>Now this is fascinating as I hadn't considered this as an evolution toward a
>feudal society. However, I can't help but be amused when I think about the
>fact the feudal lords extracted far less from their serfs than what various
>layers of government take from us in taxes these days.

They did???  On what do you base this statement?

>And weren't the knights at least honor-bound to protect
>those who had sworn fealty to them,

Well, as long as one would hand their wives, daughters, and granddaughters
over upon demand.

> While the show gave example after example
>of racism in the militia movement, they never breathed a whisper about the
>militias who are not at all racist--I know of several with minorities in
>their leadership. The militia in my county (I'm not a member) is headed by an
>Iranian Jew, but you'd never hear about that from most news outlets who
>portray all militias as anti-Semitic.

Most militias are racist - all one need do is read their literature.  And
just because someone is an "Iranian Jew" does not mean they are not racist.
Having "minorities" or "Iranian Jews" as part of a militia's membership does
not exonerate the advocation of violence.  Militias tend to hold up their
"non-white" members as trophies. . .however, most of us are not that stupid.

>> (Bart said) 	The reason it concerns me is the parallels to the way that
the Nazi's
>>  portrayed Jews in their communications prior to WWII, creating thought
>>  forms that dehumanized them so that the German people would quietly
>>  accept the concentration camps. If one must make up lies to use against
>>  a cause, then one has proven that one's own cause has already been lost.

>I've seen and have been concerned by the same chilling parallels.

There are NO, I repeat, NO parallels between what happened to the Jews and
what is happening with the militias.  This is AN INSULT to the Jewish
people.  My god.

>In a nutshell,

No comment.


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