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Re: Weapons Europe's problems!

Jun 15, 1997 04:04 AM
by Robert Cain

> >When I was discussing the Holocaust in a newsgroup, I asked why didn't
> >the Jews fight back with guns, and I was told that, unlike so many people
> >in the United States, it was simply against the tradition of the European
> >Jews to own such weapons.  And I wonder why the Nazis never invaded
> >Switzerland!
> I very much doubt that Jews in Hitler's Europe had access to guns.
> Certainly in Warsaw those that had them used them.

In March 18 1938 Germany passed a law requiring the registration of all
guns. A group of Jews in Warsaw were belived to own unregestared guns.
this was the reson given for begining of the Warsaw Massacar. The Jews
were labaled as terrerist.
Because of 3 or 4 weapons were found on the burnd out wreckage of this
area of Warsaw, in November of 1938 Jews were forbiden to own guns.
April 20, 1928 law required a person to show idenification to purchase
March 28, 1931 law makes the unautherised use of a whepon a crime agenst
the state.

Remember " War is the health of the State. " ( war on drugs, war on
poverty, cold war, are all the same for the central goverment )

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