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Re: On past issues (some questioning)

Jun 14, 1997 08:54 PM
by kymsmith

Estrella wrote:

>That thing (The CWLeadbeater case) remains me on the Woody Allen issue,
>the Michael Jackson issue, those famous cases (Invented or not) that
>only serve to make noise and appart our minds on the real and
>problematic issues (As gun control, for example)

Disagree.  I do not believe that these cases "only serve to make noise."
Despite the carnival atmosphere that often accompanies these cases, they
bring to light the terrible problem of child sexual abuse.  When someone
'famous' or 'respected' is accused, it reminds us that these criminal acts
are not just the crimes of poor, uneducated, or "crazy" people.

> I
>do not know if Leadbeater was innocent, but also i do not know if he was
>guilty.after all,if it was or wasn't, is a matter of importance only to
>him, because is he's karma, we do not have to interfer, especcialy if
>the matter was too many years ago.

Disagree.  We do have to interfere, even if it's not "our" karma.  And
Leadbeater's guilt matters not "only" to Leadbeater, but to all those he may
have hurt (and their families).

If we don't stand up, investigate, and, perhaps consequently, face the
unpleasant side of some of the people we claim to revere, someone else will.
. .and what will that make us?


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