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Re: On past issues (some questioning)

Jun 14, 1997 05:00 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "Romero Cortez D.Ma"
<> writes
>I still care of you, and of my friends here in theos-l, and consider you
>my friend. Your ideas or mine will never make me change my mind. is
>true, we have to be critical, and that is the knowledge you taught me.
>and i'm very glad of that. we do not have to be followers of any thing.
>Well, is a very very long post...i'll think i will hibernate for a while
>after that, phew..

Thank you. We are best, I think, to be seekers after truth, as the TS
motto reminds us.  Some of us have published the Leadbeater story
because 1. It is theosophical history that 2. the Theosophical Society
has kept very quiet about.  Very few people today would question his
*advice* to young men, and many would applaud it.  His actions *towards*
them could be another matter, but that is history, not modern
theosophical teaching or practice.  The importance of bringing some of
these matters to light is concerned with his reliability as a source of
teaching, as in the case of his claim to clairvoyance, wildly inaccurate
in, for example, his description of life on Mars.

The intention is to provide information which encourages people to
question "authorities" and to discover truth for themselves.  "Official"
organisations always have "official" versions of things.

Take, for instance, the "Life on Mars" matter.  The TS published this in
the original edition of Vol. II of "The Inner Life" by Leadbeater.  In
later editions it is missing.  This is good inasmuch as it omits the
mistaken teaching, but bad inasmuch as the TS does not tell readers of
the later editions that Leadbeater got some things wrong, and that they
have issued an expurgated version of his work, because, one suspects,
readers will wonder, "If he was wrong in a few things, might he not have
also been wrong in many?"


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