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Subjective and Objective

Jun 14, 1997 04:17 PM
by Tom Robertson

On Sat, 14 Jun 1997 18:10:24 -0400 (EDT) "Gerald Schueler"
<> writes:
>>Here is the important question: Do you believe that there is such a
>>thing as objective reality?
>>	Bart Lidofsky
>Bart, for me, I believe it to be just as real as subjective reality.
>Jerry S.
>Member, TI

I look at objective and subjective much differently than this.  The term
"objective reality" is redundant, and the term "subjective reality" is an
oxymoron.  All _objects_ of perception, whether physical or not, are
_objective_.  For example, in self-awareness, the self is both the
subject and the object.  I believe many people equate what is objective
with what is physical and what is subjective with what is non-physical,
which is not at all how I look at them.  I look at both the physical and
the non-physical as both subjective and objective, depending on their
context.  There is nothing that is not both a subject and an object,
assuming there is nothing which does not have consciousness.  There is no
perception that does not have both a subject and an object, and there is
no perception that is purely subjective or purely objective.  Opinions
are predominantly subjective and facts are predominantly objective, but
opinions, to have any validity, must have some connection to objective
reality, and facts, necessarily being perceived by a subject, are always
subject to error.  Facts and opinions are on the same continuum, and they
differ only in their degree of mixture of objectivity and subjectivity.

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