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Re: Patrick's stats

Jun 14, 1997 09:03 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

> That's because you have made the mistake, which is typical of the liberal
> approach, of believing that the problem is that good people might
> initiate the use of weapons, when the problem is how good people should
> react to bad people initiating the use of weapons.

Yea verily... paraphrase the famous story:

   "When they came for the Bosnians
       I did not fight because I was not Bosnian"
   "When they came for the Rwandans
      I did not fight because I was not Rwandan"
   "When they came for the Irish
      I did not fight because I was not Irish"
   "When they came to take me away..
       I found that there was no one left who fight for me"


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