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Re: Weapons

Jun 13, 1997 10:41 AM
by JRC

At 01:25 PM 6/13/97 -0400, Patrick Alessandra Jr. wrote:
>> It depends on the intent of those who have the guns.
>>  The more people who have guns who will only use them for self-defense,
>> assuming as many of those who will use them for immoral purposes have
>> them as they do in the United States, the safer society will be.
> fact in the U.S. where most people own guns there is
>the lowest crime rate.  Deterrence works best at the current societal
        Yes but this is just the US - a somewhat immature nation. I recently
saw a bunch of UN statistics ... turns out that England - where as Alan
points out very few guns circulate - has one of the lowest per capita murder
rates in the civilized world, *far* below that of the US.

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