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Re: Weapons

Jun 13, 1997 08:23 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

> It depends on the intent of those who have the guns.
>  The more people who have guns who will only use them for self-defense,
> assuming as many of those who will use them for immoral purposes have
> them as they do in the United States, the safer society will be. fact in the U.S. where most people own guns there is
the lowest crime rate.  Deterrence works best at the current societal

> That's because you haven't distinguished between the different motives of
> having weapons.  Those who advocate not killing anyone for any reason
> should, to be consistent, also advocate that the human body not kill any
> viruses.  The end result is the same: if poison is allowed to infect the
> whole body, it will die.  For the sake of the survival of the human race,
> criminals should be removed from it.
> >Freedom to me is simply no longer being afraid.
> Even if there is something to be afraid of?

     yep...(even though we need not actually fear... just be aware of
how to deal with those opposed to freedom)
    ...lesson of history...we can always remember how well disarmanent
and appeasement worked before WWII...NOT

     We'll I'm off to practice with my spiritual grenade launcher...:)


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