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Re: Weapons

Jun 13, 1997 04:47 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

Tom Robertson wrote:
> That's because you haven't distinguished between the different motives of
> having weapons.  Those who advocate not killing anyone for any reason
> should, to be consistent, also advocate that the human body not kill any
> viruses.  The end result is the same: if poison is allowed to infect the
> whole body, it will die.  For the sake of the survival of the human race,
> criminals should be removed from it.

	Q: What is the difference between a criminal and a virus?
	A: A virus cannot become anything other than a virus.

	HPB wrote an excellent article on suicide, once. It is in her collected
writings, and in Michael Gomes' collection, HPB TEACHES (a collection I
strongly recommend to all Theosophists, even though Adyar refuses to pay
Michael his royalties). The more general message she gives impacts
directly on your theories.

	Bart Lidofsky

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