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Re: Ominous pattern

Jun 09, 1997 02:35 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

K. Paul Johnson wrote:
> journalism, libraries, philosophy, dreams, and psychology.  Yet
> the *only* books stolen were New Age/occult titles.  What does
> this say about the kind of people who read them?
> I know, it could've been just one person and thus no basis for
> hasty generalization.  But every library I've worked in has had
> the same problem: New Age and occult books are among the most
> frequently stolen.  This suggests to me that the paranoid
> fundamentalists may have a point-- there really is something
> evil in the character of people who are attracted to popular
> New Age stuff, e.g. crystals, astrology, fortunetelling?

	I think it's a result of the appropriation of the "New Age" concept by
the post-modernists. If there is no such thing as objective reality, and
all morality is based on what is pleasing to the ego, then the only
reason not to steal is a fear of being caught.

	Bart Lidofsky

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