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Re: Militias

Jun 07, 1997 03:35 PM
by JRC

Jaqi ...
	As clear a statement of the effects of Theosophy on the world as
I've heard in quite some time. All the philosophy in the world means
nothing if it does not reify into moral courage in day to day life.

On Fri, 6 Jun 1997, Jaqtarin Samantha Triele wrote:
> Alan:
> We've all thought about that.  Just packing up everything and leaving the
> state.  However, after thinking about it, we realized that it just isn't
> going to solve anything.  The friend which was beaten is very concerned
> about the welfare of the rest of the people in this town, as I am.  She's
> concerned about the ignorance of the general population here regarding the
> existence of such a militia.  If we leave, it only means that we don't
> care about everyone else.  Everyone is affected by them, whether they know
> it or not.  We've decided to stay and try to expose them for what they
> are, in the hopes that they will 1) leave, or 2) be brought to justice.
> If I do leave, it will be a very selfish act indeed, and I won't be able
> to live with myself knowing that I left thousands of people in the dark.
> After we blow this thing out in the open, we probably will leave, for the
> aggression toward all of us will be very extreme, I'm sure.

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