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convention stuff

Jun 06, 1997 11:22 PM
by Drpsionic

Ok folks.  It's getting near Annual Meeting and Summer School time so that
means that your friendly neighborhood heretic has to post his annual list of
things to worry about.

1.  Avoid drinking the water at Olcott if you can.  It is tasting a little
better, but they may still be experimenting with recycling.

2.  The same applies to the food.   If you can afford to, put aside money so
you can eat one meal a day at a local restaurant.  Your tummy will be happy
and you may live longer.  For some reason, TPTB will not let Bobby Jo spend
money on food for the attendees and thus the quality of the stuff they serve
is uniformly terrible.  And one wonders if they are recycling again.

3.  If you come in from Midway airport, do not, under any circumstances,
attempt to use public transportation between there and Olcott.  The natives
are not friendly and the rats are not vegetarians.

4.  If you leave the estate, carry a bible with you at all times.  This will
protect you from the local militia.

5.  Avoid taking a  Kern scholarship if you can.  Adele has it in her head
that people who get scholarships should earn their keep by helping to recycle
the food back into the kitchen from the lavatory.

6.  Beating kettle drums outside of John's window after 10:30 pm is a no-no.
 He will transform into a velociraptor and eat you.

7.  Do not bring your pet elephant into the auditorium unless it is potty

This message of spiritual hope was brought to you the Theosophical Order of

Chuck the Heretic

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