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latest issues of THEOSOPHY WORLD

Jun 04, 1997 12:17 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

The July issue of THEOSOPHY WORLD has come out. Its table of
contents is:

> "The Calling of a Chela" by G. de Purucker
> "New HPB Articles Online, HPB Movie, Theosophical Text Database"
>     by Scribe
> "Who Was Bill Lawrence" by Dick Slusser
> "A Tribute to the Old Man" by Tim Boyd
> "How, Why, and the Younger Generation" by Thoa Tran
> "Does Theosophy Have Core Doctrines?" by Daniel H. Caldwell
> "Theosophical Education" by Thoa Tran
> "Navajo and Tibetan Sacred Wisdom: A Book Review" by
>     E.J. Fleming
> "Metaphysical Literature in Russian"
> "New Theosophical Ebooks" by Sarah Belle Dougherty
> "Working for Humanity Through the T.S." by M.K. Ramadoss
> "The Theosophical Society and Its Future" by Geoffrey A. Farthing
> "Ethics and Confidential Materials" by Eldon Tucker
> "Some Thoughts on Karma" by Einar Adalsteinsson
> "Web Site for the T.S. in Germany" by Johannes M.U. van Driel
> "New National President for the T.S. in Iceland"
> "To Our Dear Brothers and Sisters"

There were no April or May issues. The March issue contained:

> "Winter Solstice 1974" by Boris de Zirkoff
> "Telling Good From Evil" by Eldon Tucker
> "The First Cloning of an Adult Mammal" by Eldon Tucker
> "New Ebooks on TUP Online Site" by Sarah Bell Dougherty
> "Today's Trends in Science and How it Affects the Future of
>     Mankind" by Brenda Tucker
> "Our Ability to Tell Right From Wrong" by Eldon Tucker

The February issue had:

> "Wisdom is to the Pure" by H.T. Edge
> "Subjective Reality" by Thoa Tran
> "Rising Above the Psychological" by Eldon Tucker
> "Putting All Our Pet Theories on the Block" by Michael Rogge
> "Subjectivity and Objectivity" by Jerry Schueler
> "Technical Terms in Stanza II" by David Reigle
> "Senzar: The Mystery of the Mystery Language," Part II
>     by John Algeo
> "Math that is Culturally Independent" by Don DeGracia, Ph.D.
> "Historic Note" by Bee Brown
> "Engage the Process" by Eldon Tucker

And the January issue had:

> "Root-Races and Geologic Periods" by William A. Savage
> "The Neoplatonic Revival" by A Student
> "Language for Theosophy" by Murray Stentiford
> "Bliss and Evil" by Eldon Tucker
> "New Site from the Theosophical Society (Pasadena)"
>     by Sarah Belle Dougherty
> "Senzar: The Mystery of the Mystery Language", Part I
>     by John Algeo
> "Towards a Theosophy of Art" by Keith Price
> "One Can Only Smile" by Eldon Tucker
> "HPB: A Woman Generations Ahead of Her Time"
>     by Judy D. Saltzman, Ph.D.
> "Theosophy Northwest" by Sarah Belle Dougherty

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sample copy or free subscription is available by writing:

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