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Theosophical Order of Chaos

Jun 04, 1997 11:02 AM
by Drpsionic

To the end that Heresy may be promoted and spiritual anarchy reign, I am
pleased to announce the formation of the Theosophical Order of Chaos.  This
organization will be dedicated to livenin up the TS by the simple process of
breaking rules and commandments whenever we find them (withing bounds of
reason, of course).

Our three stated objects are:

To deflate stuffed shirts and annoy the pompous and arrogant without regard
to the race, creed, sex, status, species, class, caste, age, IQ level,
numbers of letters after the name, nation or planet of origin.

To encourage the study of the comparative absurdities inherint in religion
and philosophy and why sensible people never take either of them seriously.

To investigate the unexplained laws of humor and the powers latent in mirth.

Everyone in creation is invited to join us.

Chuck the Heretic

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