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Jun 01, 1997 09:42 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

M K Ramadoss wrote:

> True Annie Besant and CWL and others anticipated that the Messenger would
> come in a particular way. The model, based on what happened 2000 year ago
> did not pan out.

	In Judaism, it is believed that in every generation, there is someone
who is fit to be the Messiah. The keyto whether or not s/he is the
Messiah is success: The true Messiah will succeed in, if you will,
making humanity aware of Unity. If it weren't for the history of his
followers, Jews might be willing to admit that Jesus, although not the
Messiah, was one worthy of being so, but who failed (some Jews call
Christianity "The Cult of the Failed Messiah").

	In the Liberal Catholic Church (which somehow has displaced the ES as
its religious alternative, the ES somehow becoming the "core of the TS"
as opposed to a place for those who insist on a religious practice to go
off without bothering the rest of us; see the Mahatma letter involving
the controversy about the London TS having courses on Christian
Mysticism for the full details), the belief is that messiahs/world
teachers/messengers don't do the full job, but merely try to nudge
humanity in the right path. Those worthy allow their bodies to be used
by something called the "Christ" or "Maitreya", who is an advanced being
who has a diffuse consciousness, who somehow retains enough of an ego to
enter an appropriate body when needed. Given all this, I can see the
possibility that Krishnamurti was worthy of having this consciousness
act through him, but in the end decided that he needed more time as an
individual, and rejected the entity.

	I have this picture of Krishnamurti in my head, however:

	Would-be Student: Krishnamurti, what is karma?

	Krishnamurti: Even if I could tell you what karma is, which I can't,
why the hell are you bothering with it?

	WBS: How brilliant! What a revelation! Here's some money!

	K: Hmmmmm......

	New WBS: What happens after you die?

	K: I can't tell you what happens after you die. Why don't you
concentrate on living?

	NWBS: How brilliant! What a revelation! Here's some money!

	K: Hmmmmm......

	Bart Lidofsky

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