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Re: The Way Ahead

May 30, 1997 03:29 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

M K Ramadoss wrote:

> Have you seen any e-mail addresses of any of the National Officers?

	Most of them, and before the web page was even created.

> (At least I have not seen anything officially published.) How many times
> have anyone seen any National Officers on this (unofficial) list or any
> other list or Usenet newsgroup discussing issues relating to Theosophy even
> though it costs nothing to subscribe to this or any other list or use Usenet
> groups.

	It does cost. Time. A precious commodity, which can never be regained
once spent.

> Is there a plan to get every National Officer on e-mail? Is there a
> plan to get all key staff at Olcott with individual addresses?

	It already exists.

> Is there a
> plan to induce and educate all the lodges and study centers to get on
> e-mail? Is there a plan to educate all lodges and study centers on the
> advantages of Internet so that everyone can start using their creativity and
> use this new medium for propagating Theosophy?

	Actually, yes. With any luck, it will be ready in time for the annual

> Is there a plan to collect
> e-mail address of our members so that communications can be sent quickly and
> at almost no cost?


	Bart Lidofsky

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