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Re: Weird dreams

May 30, 1997 01:20 PM
by Titus Roth

"Romero Cortez D.Ma" <> wrote:

> Hello friends

> I wanted to ask you, what Theosophy says about dreams, speccialy strange
> dreams.seems sometimes that we have very vivid and clear dreams, but
> some dreams are very wierd and strange. In Theosophy says that in your
> dreams you can some times see some great masters of wisdom, is it true?
> and another question: how can possibly can know if we had maked contact
> with some great master of wisdom , or some great wise master more
> earthly bound (that can be some of us for example, and we can barely
> notice him)

> Estrella

My recollection of what Theosophy says on the subject is rather dim. Years ago
I read a book published by Quest that gave excerpts of HPB's writings on
dreams. In that book there was no mention of Masters that I can recall. Not
that that means They do not assist persons in their dreams. Sai Baba
says that he can instruct people in their dreams. Why not other masters? And
what more impersonal way to minister to humankind than in dreams?

Looking at my own dreams and those of others I've seen, helpful presences make
appearances repeatedly. Are they Masters or parts of the psyche constellated
by archetypes? I personally think I see qualitative differences between
symbols emblematic of the Self and symbols that seem to refer to actual
Masterful persons. The latter are sometimes distinguished by an accompanying
feeling of familiarity, protection, and love.

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