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Flying Silos; Rendering unto IRS

May 27, 1997 01:34 PM
by texhut


In the passionate exchange inst. on the subject of when it is
proper for money to change hands, I note an extraordinary image
has been employed:  someone has been accused of "firing the first

I am new to the list, and certainly not theosophicalier than
anyone, but did the author truly mean to convey an image
evocative of Sherman's progress through the South? Or, stranger
yet, an agricultural version of Star Wars?  Or did the gentleman
simply mean to write "salvo"?

Presumably, he meant the latter.  Odd that, having been taken to
task on so many other matters, he was not taken to task on this
one as well.

It is my understanding of the current tax code that, should an
organization "charge" for a function, the funds collected become
taxable.  If the same function is financed by "donations," no
tax liability accrues.  In the former case, the organization's
tax-exempt status might come up for investigation; in the latter,
the question does not arise, nor would it arise if the function
were gratis.  If my understanding is incorrect, I welcome

It would seem to me that those who running the various Lodges
might wish to be reminded of this legal peculiarity from time to
time, and have a care that they are keeping it in mind.

Scott Hutton

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